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Federal officials in Florida have charged twenty-five people with wire fraud for their participation in an illegal scheme to get nursing licenses. Keep reading to learn more.

The Crime

A scam promising a shortcut to a nursing license has been investigated and now defendants are being held accountable. According to unsealed documents, the scheme resulted in the sale of more than 7,600 fraudulent nursing degrees from local nursing schools. Scammers promised to provide expedited licenses to ensure early employment. These fake licenses enabled nurses to sit or the nursing board exam which would allow them to begin their vocation.

The scheme targeted many individuals from the Haitian-American community and those seeking a fast track to a new position. Many of those targeted were already medical professionals like CNAs who wanted to be registered nurses. Between 2016-2021 students paid over $114 million for fake degrees.

Why It Matters

The problem with this scam in particular is that it enabled thousands of individuals to enter the medical field without proper education, experience, and licensure. Not only does this jeopardize patients who were undoubtedly treated by these professionals but it also further erodes public trust in the healthcare system which is already a point of concern. While over 2,400 students eventually passed their exams, the damage has already been done.

Wire Fraud

Wire fraud is a felony and is charged by count instead of as a singular criminal act. In other words, every email, text message, phone call, etc. is an individual count of wire fraud. Because of this, wire fraud often has harsh penalties. In general, those accused of wire fraud could face up to 20 years in prison and thousands in fines and/or restitution.

Contact an Attorney

Wire fraud is a serious crime and may result in a lengthy prison sentence and thousands in fines. It’s crucial that individuals accused of any crime contact an attorney. A lawyer can help by investigating the crime and collecting evidence on their client’s behalf. They may also protect their clients’ rights during arrest and at the trial.

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