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What Are the Penalties for Petit (Petty) Theft in Florida?
What Are the Penalties for Petit (Petty) Theft in Florida?

Are you a Florida resident facing petit (or petty) theft charges? While the term “petit” derives from the French word for “small”—the consequences for this crime are anything but small. Depending on your circumstances, you can be charged with a misdemeanor or even a felony ...

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    It’s the holiday season and festivities abound. You may have extra time off work and look forward to relaxing, eating tasty fare, unwrapping new ...

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    Florida has very clear statutes pertaining to drug abuse prevention and control. Below, we will walk through what is legally classified as drug ...

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  • What Is Wire Fraud?

    Wire fraud is a federal crime, in which the defendant is accused of defrauding someone out of their property using electronic communication (i.e. TV, ...

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  • Using a Firearm to Further a Federal Drug Crimes Leads to Sentence Enhancements

    The penalties for federal drug trafficking charges are serious. Depending on the type and amount of the substance involved, prison sentences can range ...

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  • What Happens If You Refuse a DUI Chemical Test?

    In Florida, a person can be charged with driving under the influence ( DUI ) in two ways. First, they can be accused of operating a vehicle while ...

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  • Pimping & Pandering in Florida

    Florida Prostitution Laws Although prostitution and solicitation are sex crimes under Florida criminal law, certain acts related to such offenses are ...

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  • What Happens If I'm Caught with a Fake Vaccine Card?

    As the delta variant spreads across the United States and more places are requiring proof of being vaccinated, more people are using fake COVID-19 ...

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    What is Human Trafficking? Forced labor or sexual exploitation of another person is known as human trafficking. According to Florida law, human ...

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  • Pretrial Diversion in Florida

    Getting convicted can lead to serious criminal penalties, including costly fines and even a long jail or prison sentence. However, some ...

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