Possessing Prescription Medication Could Be a Juvenile Offense

In Florida, it is illegal to possess and/or distribute a controlled substance. Many people know that this applies to drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and crack, among others. However, few might realize, especially juveniles, that having and handing out a prescription medication without also having a prescription is unlawful.

Unfortunately, because minors are still learning the ways of the world and figuring out what is right and wrong, they could face serious drug crimes charges for possessing prescription medications and giving them to others on a school campus. This is considered an offense regardless of whether the pills belonged to a parent, sibling, or other relatives, or if they were found by the teen.

High School Students Charged with Drug Possession and Distribution

In September of 2019, two high school students were charged with drug possession for carrying 4 pills each of Alprazolam in their backpacks. One of the teens also allegedly had MDMA, also known as ecstasy, on them.

The boys claimed that they found the drugs on the side of the road and decided to split them between the two.

Officials allege that the boys took the drugs to school with them and dissolved the MDMA in a water bottle and drank the mixture. At the time, the students did not know what the substance was and offered it to 2 female classmates. One of the girls drank the liquid, but the other claims she did not.

All 4 students were taken to a nearby hospital for an examination, and 3 tested positive for amphetamines. The teens’ parents were notified of the incident and testing.

Neither of the boys charged had prior disciplinary nor criminal records. Their high school prohibits drug possession and distribution on property.

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