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A restraining order is often issued in the event that a person brings about allegations of domestic violence, threats of bodily harm or abuse against a spouse, family member or cohabitant. If a restraining order is filed against you, you may be required to leave the home that you presently share with the person who is the alleged victim in your domestic violence, spousal abuse or child abuse case. Even if you are the owner of the home or pay the rent, you will need to leave the property immediately and cannot make any contact with the victim or come within a certain distance of the victim. If you have been served with a restraining order, you can take action to have the injunction dismissed. In the case of a temporary restraining order, you may be able to avoid the order from becoming permanent.

No matter what your particular case maybe, you do have the right to a hearing in which a judge will review the restraining order and will make a determination as to make it more permanent or to cancel it completely. Even though legal counsel for this hearing is not required, having a knowledgeable and experienced attorney at your side will serve to positively impact the end result of your hearing.

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