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Under provisions contained in the Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) and other state and local legislation, law enforcement officers and the government can seize property and assets they believe have been obtained through profits from illegal activity. This is referred to as asset forfeiture.

 There are certain circumstances which may warrant asset forfeiture, including the following:

  • Money acquired in drug trafficking cases
  • Money acquired through fraud, for example mortgage fraud, wire fraud or mail fraud
  • Property such as boats, real estate and motor vehicles that has been obtained through fraud, drug trafficking or other illegal activity
  • RICO violations and cases involving racketeering
  • Real estate, motor vehicles, or other property that was used to carry out drug crimes or fraud
  • Money or property connected to a money laundering case

However, these factors may vary depending on the particular case. For more information about asset forfeiture and how it may affect you in relation to your criminal charges, contact Miami criminal attorney Armando Hernandez today.

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