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If a person has already been convicted of a crime, he/she still has the option to file a criminal appeal to request a review of the trial by a higher authority. Any person convicted of a crime has the right to appeal the conviction or the sentence. Judges, attorneys, juries and court staff are all human beings. Mistakes can be made, and if the end result of your case was affected by this mistake, you may have the right to file an appeal and probably secure an altered sentence or a retrial in some cases. Nevertheless, a critical legal error may have an effect on the final verdict or may affect the sentence that a defendant faces.

Time is of the essence. Involving an attorney as early in the process as possible is important if you are to have the best opportunity of successfully fighting your charges. Mr. Hernandez is a formidable ally to have in your corner. Due to the difficulty of the cases and the probable sentences that attach, it is essential that you contact Mr. Hernandez.

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