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Mail fraud is a severe federal crime that involves using the postal system to send information with the purpose of committing fraud.  Mail fraud may include other federal crimes, such as health care fraud, mortgage fraud, organized fraud, identity theft, etc., given that the postal system was implicated in anyway to accomplish the crime.

Possible penalties for Mail Fraud

If a person is convicted of mail fraud, he/she may be penalized with the following: 

  • Individuals can face up to 20 years and corporations can face up to 30 years in prison
  • Fines and fees up to $1,000,000 for violations if a financial institution is affected
  • Individuals can face up to 5 years for using a fictitious name or a ficticious address in a fraudulent activity

Although the attempt may not have been successful, you could still possibly face mail fraud charges. Mail Fraud charges are very serious. Get the legal advice you need and deserve. Even if you have not been formally charged with a crime, attorney Hernandez can intercede and work to protect your rights and interests through the entire investigation by federal law enforcement. Involving an attorney as early in the process as possible is important if you are to have the best opportunity of successfully fighting your charges and avoiding a conviction. Due to the difficulty of the cases and the probable sentences that attach, it is essential that you contact Mr. Hernandez. With his extensive legal experience and resources, attorney Hernandez will discuss your mail fraud charges and give you the straight answers you deserve.

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